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Name: Epidemiology Lab: Pathogen Tracker To do this lab, you will need to go the Pathogen Tracker website and trace a foodborne illness back to the source. The assignment is to answer these questions as you progress through the game. The website is and then click on Play Game. Assignment Questions 1. Which pathogen do you think is responsible for this foodborne illness? Listeria monocytogenes 2. What is the Riboprint ID for the individuals with the foodborne illness? A method of genetic fingerprinting. It refers to differentiating bacteria beyond the species or subspecies lv. It analyzes the DNA sequences that code for the RNA portion of the ribosomes, the important protein synthesizing parts of cells. These sequences in particular are analyzed because of their consistency: Listeria monocytogenes: DUP1042B ** to continue the game after entering the ID#, you must click the Lab tab on the site and then click continue 3. Has an outbreak occurred? Yes 4. Has an outbreak occurred or is the rate of incidence still within the normal range? There is an outbreak 5. Which individuals did you pick as a match for the Control Group? Delhi Kan Amodini Utica Rufello Lima Roger Margin Neward Franklin Spoon Goldsboro Ami Ferguson 6. What do you think is the source of the outbreak? Hot dogs 7. What is the common source for the vendors you interviewed buy their source (food)? Frankin Furt 8. What are the steps used in testing for the bacteria/pathogen? Step 1: test an actual sample of hot dogs that were made in the plant Step 2: grow bacteria in to lg samples Step 3: isolate the bacteria from the colonies and extract their DNA Step 4: DNA is riboprinted and the bacteria can then be identified 9. Where was the pathogen for this illness

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