Path of Dore Essay

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THE PATH OF A DOER A SIMPLE TALE ON HOW TO GET THINGS DONE Each of us is given the same number of hours every day, but some people make more things happen in the same time. Why is that? Well, they have learnt an important, and yet mostly untaught, life skill. They have learnt how to go from ‘talk’ to ‘action.’ They have discovered the secret of ‘Doing.’ And yet, becoming a Doer is simple enough. It is a habit that we can all acquire. This little book takes us through the simple steps that every person, every project, every business, will probably encounter on their way to making stuff happen successfully. SET YOURSELF A GOAL. (you can’t score unless you have one) SET YOURSELF A DEADLINE. (don’t make it too easy, a crazy deadline can help) DEFINE SUCCESS AT THE START. (money, happiness, saving the world… that sort of thing) MAKE A PLAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. (remember, most things fail because they never… er… start) BUILD A TEAM TO HELP YOU. (no matter how brilliant you are, you can’t do it alone) GET THE TEAM TO SIGN UP, HEAD AND HEART. (tell them the dream, play down the bit about all the hard work, late nights, etc.) UNDERSTAND THERE WILL BE HURDLES, BARRIERS. ACCEPT THEM. BUT DEFEAT THEM. A LITTLE CAN DO A LOT. (especially, if repeated, if repeated, if...) EACH DAY IMAGINE THE DREAM AS IF YOU’VE ALREADY DONE IT. (it may sound weird, but it will help) UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR ENERGY. YOUR STUBBORNNESS. YOUR PERSISTENCE. (eek) EVEN SO, HALF WAY THROUGH A PROJECT IS NORMALLY THE LOWEST POINT. YOU ARE NEITHER AT THE START NOR AT THE END. ENERGY DIPS. MOTIVATION SLIPS. (double eek) IT’S TIME TO REMIND YOURSELF WHY YOU STARTED ALL THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE. (er... hello dream, you got a minute…) IT’S TIME TO LOOK BACK AT HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME.
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