Path of a Woman Ambition of Britain Leadership in Phyllida Lloyd’s the Iron Lady Movie

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PATH OF A WOMAN AMBITION OF BRITAIN LEADERSHIP IN PHYLLIDA LLOYD’S THE IRON LADY MOVIE (2012): A FEMINIST APPROACH A. Background of the Study Britain is a country with a government leader is Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the head of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister and Cabinet (consisting of all the most senior ministers, who are government department heads) are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the Sovereign, to Parliament, to their political party and ultimately to the electorate. The position of Prime Minister was not created it evolved slowly and erratically over three hundred years due to numerous acts of Parliament, political developments, and accidents of history. The office is therefore best understood from a historical perspective. The origins of the position are found in constitutional changes that occurred during the Revolutionary Settlement (1688–1720) and the resulting shift of political power from the Sovereign to Parliament. Although the Sovereign was not stripped of his or her ancient prerogatives and legally remained the head of government, politically it gradually became necessary for him or her to govern through a Prime Minister who could command a majority in Parliament (Low, S. 1904). In history, Britain is one of the countries whose governments are dominated by men who incidentally not yet been able to demonstrate progress for the country. A long time ago there are no gaps or opportunities for participation of women in leading the country as Prime Minister. Women are not believed to be a leader in Britain. History of women's leadership emerged in 1979 that Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative party. Born on October 13, 1925 in Grantham, England with the name Hilda Roberts, she famous as a girl that intelligent

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