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P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.2 Pretest for Attitudes Toward Computers in Healthcare Directions: Each indicator is to be rated using a five point Likert scale. Choose the response that reflects your attitude for each statement. 1. Agree Strongly 2. Agree 3. Not certain 4. Disagree 5. Disagree Strongly 1. The computer is a powerful enabling tool= 1 2. In healthcare, computers could save a lot of paperwork= 1 3. Machines and I don't mix=5 4. I feel I am a skilled typist=2 5. I feel alarmed when I think of using a computer=5 6. I have excellent finger dexterity=2 7. I regularly use a computer at home=1 8. I would love to be a proficient user of computers=1 9. Bedside computers will irritate patients=4 10. I will never feel relaxed about using a computer=5 11. Computers can help me to be creative=1 12. I would enjoy learning course work using a computer program=1 13. Computers are frustrating to use=3 14. Listening to people using computer jargon intimidates me=4 15. Computers will someday put health professionals out of a job=4 16. I am in control when I use a computer=2 17. I relate well to technology and machines=2 18. I feel confident that I can master using a computer=2 19. I can let my creativity flow when writing using a computer=2 20. Computers in healthcare will create more work for nurses=3 21. Computers can be great problem-solving tools=1 22. Computers are too complicated for me to learn well=4 23. Computers are impersonal and dehumanizing=4 24. The future promise of computers in healthcare excites me=1 25. I feel restless and confused when I think of using a computer=4 26. I don't intend to own a home computer=5 27. I feel a computer course in nursing is totally unnecessary=5 28. People who like computers are introverted and antisocial=5 29. I know more about computers than most faculty or administrators

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