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Amanda Rodriguez 4/4/2012 Speech Patch Adams essay “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome”. - Patch Adams Patch Adams is a story based on real life doctor Hunter Adams, in the film he is portrayed by actor Robin Williams. Patch Adams was a good hearted guy who knew there was more to being a doctor then just curing diseases. In the opening of the film we see young Patch entering a mental ward by his own admission. During is “stay” at the ward he realized how much he enjoyed helping his fellow patients but more importantly he found the staff to be cold towards their patients. He could not take it anymore and decided to change things; he checked out of the hospital and enrolled himself into medical school Most of his colleagues saw his methods as unconventional and sometimes inappropriate and unprofessional. On the other hand he also had people he is life that understand and knew how special and gifted Patch was, like the nurses at the hospital who saw firsthand the difference he made in his patience’s lives, or the love of his life Carin, who accepted him, and supported his decisions and choices. Patch Adams was only trying to make the lives of his patience’s easier, by getting to know his patience on an emotional level he became more than just a doctor he became a loving caregiver and a friend. Even though his methods worked and despite the fact that he received some of the highest grades in his class he still had some critics. He took his so called “unconventional” methods and opened a hospital without a license, which is what leads to his great speech. While on trial for practicing without a medical license, he much like the way he practices medicine approached the bench/council with passion and with such good heartedness. He is in front of both peers and haters;

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