Patagonia Crm Case Study

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Patagonia is found in Ventura, California as a privately owned company. They design, develop and market clothing and gear for a wide range of outdoor sports, travel and everyday wear. Patagonia also are best known for their innovative designs, quality products and environmental conscience. “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” is their mission statement. In fact, it’s really important that understanding customers and it also means that understanding customers’ values and sense of worth. For every company, it’s easy to offer promotional coupons and discount rewards. However, providing values to customers in ways other than money is much related to the target audience and company may have chance to enhance brand awareness. Patagonia really understood their customers need more non-monetary rewards than points and discount from their loyalty program. In 2011, they had a partnership with eBay to help their customers resell their highly-durable Patagonia clothing online through the company website. This campaign is a part of Common Threads Initiative Pledge which addresses a significant part of environmental problems nowadays. Patagonia launched this non-monetary program which help them to build their brand of sustainability and perfectly match with their customers’ characteristics by proving values they really care about. Obviously, the collaboration between Patagonia and their customers is win-win deal.1 There was a full page advertisement of Patagonia in the New York Times on Black Friday 2011 and it said “Don’t Buy This Jacket”. This seemed like a risky move for any company that’s trying to increase profit among advertising. On the contrary, Patagonia tried to convey the message of anti-consumerism and represent their environmentally-responsible mission and values. As the

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