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1. According to Maslow's hierarchy, which basic needs does the Patagonia culture meet? What would it be like to work at Patagonia? (Hint: Go to Patagonia’s website and find the section on jobs.) What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment? (20 points) According to the case study, Patagonia meets many levels of Maslow’s hierarchy. Patagonia is capable of partially meeting the bottom four levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of need without a doubt. Patagonia provides organic food and drinks in its café which meets the very bottom of Maslow’s need (physiological.) It is able to meet the safety needs as well because Patagonia has a 25% turnover rate with is 19% lower than the national retail average, therefore it leaves its employees feeling safe. It meets Maslow’s social need by hiring people who are alike in the fact that they have a real passion for the outdoors and the environment. This gives the employees something to bond over. They feel as though they belong in the company and this is an important part of the social need. Finally Patagonia meets the 4 tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by allowing to employees to work toward something they care about which provides them with a level of self-respect and the respect of their coworkers who are just as passionate about the same causes. Another way that Patagonia meets the esteem need is by allowing the employees to work autonomously. They are given a set of expectations and deadlines and then they are turned loose to get it done in their own way. What would it be like to work for Patagonia? From what I have learned about the company, it seems as though working for Patagonia would be very rewarding and fairly laid back (which is an aspect that I would greatly enjoy.) Patagonia, as a company, is passionate about the outdoors and the environment and therefore they hire people who have the same interests at

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