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The purpose of this report is to conduct a brand analyse on purpose driven clothing company Patagonia Inc. This report consists of two interlinked parts. The first part will provide a detailed overview of the brands heritage, products/service, target market, communication strategy, positioning, and image as well as why it is considered a healthy brand according to the Vega brand communication schools “7 healthy brand criteria.” The second component will further explain the brands portfolio as well as apply four integrated brand contact planning steps towards Patagonia and lastly suggest meaningful and recommended ways to help strengthen and build the brands equity. Part 1 “Function always dictates the form and the perfect form is the result of a perfectly solved functional need.” -Patagonia founder, surfer, fly fisherman and climber Yvon Chouinard is fond of saying. Patagonia Inc first grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1972 and is a California based clothing company owned by Lost Arrow Corporation. (Patagonia, 2010) Although its main focus is alpinism(mountain climbing) this diverse, premium clothing brand is known primarily as a major producer of distinctive outdoor apparel with an ethically rigorous environmental standard. It caters to a wide range of outdoor sports enthusiasts, climbers, surfers, fisherman, environmentalists and athletes. Chouinard chose the name Patagonia partly because of its exotic imagery (i.e:it references to the unknown, the wild, a romantic sense of freedom in nature-a place unmapped )and partly because the word is easily pronounceable in many languages The brand meaning and associations have transformed over the last thirty years ,with its first value proposition in 1973 to 1980 being “hand forged clothing”. Since 1985, the brand has transformed from its

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