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casecase 4 4 patagonia patagonia First ascents: finding thethe way First ascents: finding way toward quality of life life and work toward quality of and work > .> 1. The lie of the land Patagonia’s brand awareness and reputation are distinctly out of proportion to its size. Nestled in a quiet street just yards from the ocean in Ventura, California, Patagonia has for over two and a half decades been renowned for supplying highquality outdoor clothing and equipment to discriminating enthusiasts. A stepchild of Chouinard Equipment, the leading US supplier of speciality climbing equipment in the early s, Patagonia remains privately held. It is a subsidiary of Lost Arrow Corporation, established in  as the holding company for Patagonia, Patagonia Mail Order, Chouinard Equipment (now Black Diamond) and Great Pacific Iron Works. Patagonia sales in  were US$ million, achieved with  employees. Patagonia manages the research and development, design, manufacturing, merchandising and sales (retail, catalogue and web-based) of adult and children’s outdoor clothing, hardgoods such as packs and travel bags, and, more recently (following founder Yvon Chouinard’s long-standing philosophy that, if you can’t find a good one, make it) surf boards! The heart of Patagonia’s success lies in relentless technical innovation that produces a continuous stream of products good enough to meet the tough and © 1999 Greenleaf Publishing Ltd > a. Corporate overview 2 mapping the journey continually rising expectations of the most avid experts in a multitude of highintensity sports: mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, biking, sailing and fishing. The soul of Patagonia’s success lies in a deep, abiding commitment, at both an organisational and personal level, to preserving the diversity, ecological integrity and beauty

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