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Pat Conroy Pat Conroy is one of America’s most respected and widely read authors and the New York Times bestselling writer of ten novels and memoirs, including The Water Is Wide, The Lords of Discipline, Beach Music, The Great Santini, The Prince of Tides, and South of Broad. Conroy uses his life struggles as inspiration to write his emotionally heavy novels. The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline and The Prince of Tides, have been turned into films that show the chaos and disasters of his life. But writing about his suffering is only part of his writing process; usually a crisis inspires a book, which creates only more suffering as he relives that moment. Conroy’s life is very much an influence on his writing. The experiences that he has gone through, both good and bad, create spectacular stories with overwhelming detail. Growing up, their father physically abused Conroy, his mother, and siblings. Pat, being the oldest, got it worse then anyone else. By 1970 he had published his first book, The Boo, and married Barbara Boiling, a Vietnam War widow with two daughters. The couple had their own daughter, Megan, later that year. After 1972's The Water Is Wide, Conroy began writing The Great Santini, the fascinating tale of a heroic but cruel fighter pilot who terrorizes his wife and children; it helped make Conroy a house-hold name. The book infuriated his father who said that Pat blamed him for all of his lifetime woes, that he was a marine and he played hardball and Pat needed to move on. Exploring his violent childhood and his father’s anger nearly drove Conroy to suicide; in 1975 he tried to kill himself with an overdose of pills. "I woke up," he says. "I was very surprised" . Beach Music, shows the life of Jack McCall, who moves to Rome after his wife's suicide but returns to the South to tend to his dying mother. Conroy's own mother battled

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