Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper

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Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Veronica Mead Liberty University Abstract In this paper the student-author sets out her experience with pastoral counseling, current needs, expectations of the course, and describes her approach to pastoral counseling. This student author completed a Master’s Degree in Theology at Liberty University in order to fulfill the role of Assistant Pastor at the Christian Community Church, in Georgia, but has no formal or informal experience in Pastoral Counseling. In this paper the solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling model is explored. The reading materials presented in the initial part of the course has helped this student to move from a problem-focused method to a solution-focused method of problem solving. Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling (SFPC) offers an alternative to a problem-focused counseling approach. (Kollar, 2011, p.9) In a problem-focused counseling approach the counseling process often remain centered on the problem and not the solution. In focusing on the problem instead of the solution, the counselor could inadvertently reinforce the problem (Kollar, 2011, p.14). This student-author ascribes to the belief that in focusing on the solution and visualizing the required outcome both the counselor and the counselee become focused on the solution and use all their energy to come up with creative solutions to the problem. CONTENTS Abstract 2 The Reason for this Season of Training 4 The New Tool Box 4 Conclusion 8 References 10 Rubric... 11 This student-author serves as an Assistant Pastor at the Christian Community church in Cartersville, GA, where she is often called upon to pray with and help parishioners find solutions to their day to day problems, such as finding employment or housing. This student has no experience or training in pastoral counseling, and therefore

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