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Pastor Essay

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  • on May 11, 2011
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CHRISTOLOGY (Jesus' Ministry)

• The earthly Jesus is the origin of Christology of the Church if we are to take seriously the Incarnation which is the Word taking on a human history, with consideration to the continuity in the discontinuity between the implicit and the explicit Christology.
• Our knowledge of Jesus' earthly life and work is limited, and there is controversy about many sayings and deeds of Jesus recorded in the Gospels as being the reflections of the early Church, yet multiple attestation of the evangelists do allow us to reconstruct something of the message, activity, claim of Jesus at least during the last few years of his life. Something which biblical scholars commonly agree that we can be certain about are:
 Jesus' preaching of the Kingdom of God
 His self-designation as the Son of man
 His consciousness of God as Abba.

1. The Teaching of His Kingdom
There is hardly anything more certain about the ministry of Jesus than his proclamation of God's Kingdom / reign.
 In the time of Jesus, there were different ways of conceiving the Kingdom of God which is the definitive saving act of God, but Jesus gave it a new meaning:
◘ It is the loving rule of God over the world that began to manifest itself with the mission of Jesus. Jesus himself was inseparably connected with the inbreaking of the divine kingdom in both his preaching and his miraculous deeds. Jesus announced the Kgdom of God and made it present in His own Person (JS=Kgdm) “Jesus is the Kingdom of God realized in himself” (Origin). He is the Kingdom of God present in the world∴ the way people related to him would decide their definitive before God
◘ It came not as a reward achieved through human merits but as sheer gratuitous gift from the divine goodness. Men and women were invited to enter this kingdom of heaven. What they could do was to accept it as pure gift with childlike simplicity.
◘ Unlike John the Baptist who preached the...

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