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Charles Konadu-Adjei Assignment: Marrying on Paper Date: May 17, 2014 The purpose of this paper is to see the pros and cons of marrying people of the same temperament. Even though this paper does not intend to solve every issue that may arise if two people with the same personality are joined together, it would try to make suggestions as to why they can or cannot be married. Each of four temperaments has its own way of loving and the paper tries to look at how each temperament approach to love. While most people tend to become passionate and somewhat irrational when they fall in love, Melancholic love is more pragmatic and down-to-earth. They see their love partners as assistants; their love preferences are based on common sense and compatibility. They are predictable; adhering to the traditions and loyal to family. Melancholic take dating seriously! They keep the good manners, they are never late, and the men tend to open doors for women. The women cook for men and moreover, they always make concrete plans for what you will do in advance. They are protective of their partners and give important gifts. In short, these people enjoy the traditions associated with marriage and relationship. These types like to be concrete – they like facts and are literal in everything. Their conversation is detailed and factual, hating drama, and may appear unromantic to other types. This is the reason why they are usually attracted to their own type, especially when they are willing to settle down and start the family. Melancholic do not choose their life partners impulsively, they do it very cautiously, considering the opinions of their friends and relatives. They fear to be criticized and this is why they may need friends and relatives to approve their date before they commit to their life partner. This is also one of the reasons why melancholic people enjoy doing things as

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