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My past, present, and Future Life Story billy Psy 202 Nancy Forbes 6-10-12 1. Who are some important people in your life? A. my parents and sister B. jamie my fiancée C. Everyone at the fire department 2. What jobs have you had in your life? A. farmer B. fireman/ EMT C. mechanic 3. What were your hobbies? A. Younger playing outside with friends B. Middle age school sports/hanging out with friends C. Young adult riding motorcycles, hunting, and landscaping 4. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? A. Get married and have a family B. Own my own automotive repair shop C. Graduate with a Bachelors degree I have had a very fun and fulfilling life so far, mainly because of all the important people in it, whether it is my family, all the support from my fiancée jamie, or everyone on the fire department. In this paper I will talk about all the support I have gotten over the years, some of my jobs I have had throughout my life, and some of the many hobbies I have had, then my future goals. I was born febuary 10 , 1989 in Breese Illinois to my mother Dawn and my father Jim. I was a little bit of a surprise to my parents with my mom being 18 and my dad being 20 they were not planning on having a family yet. My mom and dad got married one year after I was born. My dad worked at Prairie Farms bottling milk and my mom was a CNA. My dad comes from a long line of alcoholics and was traveling down the same path as the rest of his family. One night he got in an accident after binge drinking and driving home. Binge drinking, which is defined as elevating blood alcohol levels to .08 or higher over a 2-hour period, is especially dangerous. For men, that would be having five or more drinks in a row, and four for women. Studies show that binge-drinking students are much more likely to miss classes, sustain

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