Past, Present and Future Essay

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Armah Washington WR090 ESSAY # 1 DUE 11/04/2013 The past, present and future As we all know everyone has a past, present and future. We live and create memories that last a life time. Every individual has its own past, present and future weather it may be big or small. Those moments and experiences we look back on and ask ourselves, why did I do that? Or why was I like that? It’s what make us who we are and what we have become. Emily Dickinson once stated, “I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody too?” For me my past was in needing of closure and my present are experiences from my past which I am carrying with me now and my future has always been things that I want to accomplished through my experiences. My past was a feeling of blankness. I was the only child from my mother side. My dad had kids with other women, but I didn’t know or even met them. Although I heard of them and knew their names, but that was all I could tell people or even myself of my siblings from dad’s side. I always knew I wanted to meet them to have some type of relations between us, but I didn’t know how come about. My dad wasn’t in my life as a child and my mother and the rest of my family were not the best fun of my dad because he decided to walk away on my mother when she got pregnant. So I lived with emptiness for a long period of time and it impacted my decisions making. Being the only child and having a single mother I guess has impacted my life today. My present life today I can say has been a great one. I have a son. His mother and I had him at the age of seventeen. We were young, naive and still in high school and we had nothing to show for ourselves. Despite of these obstacles we going to face, I stayed around, didn’t run and I had to grow up quickly and become a man and took responsibilities for my action. I didn’t run like my dad did, in fact I wanted to show that I can be

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