Past Present and Future Essay

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My Past, Present, and Future I never thought I would ever be writing a paper like this, especially at the age of 27. After high school, I had planned on attending college, but the thought of spending another four years or more in school did not appeal to me. So, in this paper I will present brief descriptions of some life experiences that have mold me into the person that I am today. I will also analyze these experiences using the adult development theories from this course. In addition, I will go over some goals that I would like to accomplish in the near future. Growing up, school was very important to my family, so when I told my parents that I didn’t plan on going to college they were definitely not happy. However, to keep them from nagging, I went and applied for work. The very first job I had was being a cashier at Sport Chalet. It was not a bad job, I met some great people and the work environment was great as well. Having never dealt with customers or even working a cash register, I caught on pretty quick and was able to handle the holiday rush with the team. Although, having to keep a smile on my face while customers were complaining about not having an item in stock was difficult but I managed to still be courteous. After a couple months of that job, I got hired at Best Buy as a cashier. Since having experience as a cashier from my previous job, I thought this job would be much easier, but I was wrong. Not only were we ringing customers up, but we also have to sell protection plans, or magazine subscriptions. I know that if I was a customer I would be highly annoyed for being persuaded to spend more money than planned. However, with practice, I was able to sell a couple. After the busy holiday shopping rush, I decided to quit. I was getting bored and unhappy because I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere by working retail. During this course, I was very

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