Past, Present, and Future Essay

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Past, Present, and Future Patricia Hunter PSY 202 Steve Lazarre March 10, 2013 I. What was my family life? A. Dad was provider B. Mom stayed at home C. Youngest of six children II. Childhood memories A. Time spent on the farm B. Sunday drives with the family C. Building my tree house III. My teenage years A. My father’s death B. High school C. Became a single mom IV. My life as a young adult A. Mother of three B. Troubled times C. Married/Divorced D. Jobs V. My life as an adult A. Remarried B. Long employment as manager C. Medical issues with hands D. Working towards college degree VI. What are my personal, professional, and academic goals? A. Be satisfied in myself B. Earn my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration C. Obtain a job in an Administrative office Past, Present, and Future I never thought that at the age of 49 years old I would be attending college and writing a paper on my life, but as we all know life does not always happen according to plan. In this paper, I will share with you a brief description of a few of my life experiences that have helped me become the person I am today. I will analyze some of these experiences by using the adult development theories from this class. I will also share some of the goals I want to accomplish in the future. I grew up in a large family, being the youngest of six children. My mom and dad started their life together at a very young age. My parents fell into the cognitive development theory, using gender-related choices. (Ch.1, pg. 2) My mother was 17 years old and my father was 19 years old when they married. My dad was the sole provider for the family. My mother was a stay at home mom and housewife. My earliest childhood memories were growing

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