Past Present and Future

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I have lead a very interesting life. My life has always gone in many direction, some for the good, and of course, some for the bad. However, now I feel with the choices I am making my life is headed in the right direction. Not only will this choice accomplish one of my goals, it will also help me further my education. I did not finish high school because at the age of 15 I dropped out. My reasons for dropping out were merely because I was being a rebellious teen. After having my first child I realized that a minimum wage job would not work for my household. Although at the time I had not received my high school diploma I was able to receive my Texas certification as a Nursing Assistant. Later I realized to further my nursing education I would need a high school diploma or G.E.D. I discussed my need for a high school diploma with my friend Mary, who in return brought to my attention the Marque High School program. She explained to me that the school counselor suggested the program to her teen, also that this program was accredited by the colleges in our area. At my age I was still a little skeptical so I finally gave in and enrolled in the program. Once I pass this course and receive my diploma I plan to further my nursing education. Enrolling in the Licensed Vocational Course at Kaplan College is one of my major goals for the year. Being a single mom of four kids and working a fulltime job might make this goal a struggle. I believe I can achieve my goal because, I have a great support team. I am very motivated, and persistent in everything I do. Being a rebellious teen brought me to where I am today. If I could go back to when I was 15, I would have listened to my parents and would have graduated with my friends and fellow classmates. Now that I have this opportunity to try passing my high school diploma I know I can do it. When I receive my diploma in

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