Past Present and Future Essay

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My Past, Present and Future I have attended one other University prior to choosing Grand Canyon University. I have written other essays, but never one about my past, present and future. While writing about my past, present and future I will reflect on my life as a child, a teenager and young adulthood. Growing up with the traditions and culture of a Mexican family was difficult. The mindset of my Mexican parents was very unlike a traditional American family. This made it difficult to succeed in areas of my life growing up because I did not have the support of my parents to succeed in my education and athletics abilities. Regardless of all the setbacks I have had in my life I have managed to overcome many obstacles and continue to go forward in my personal life as well as my education. I may struggle with certain coursework; however I will keep pressing forward to complete my degree to be able to start the career I have dreamed about for so many years. I was born in Cd. Acuna, Mexico, this city is on the border of Del Rio, Texas. My parents migrated to Texas when I was nine months old. My parents worked as migrant workers in other parts of the United States till they finally settled in Friona, Texas where I started kindergarten. This is where I was raised till I was nineteen years old. I got married at the age of nineteen years old and moved to Dimmitt, Texas where we lived for eight years, then moved to San Antonio, Texas for one year. Then finally settled in Abilene, Texas where my children were raised. I moved to Hurst Texas which in Dallas Fort worth Metroplex. I went through a divorce and moved here to Hurst to start a new life and broaden my horizons. As a teenager I had very low self-esteem, although I got along with my peers and was in sports as well as maintain good grades, no one would have suspected that I had low self-esteem. I didn’t

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