Past and Present Olympic Games Comparison

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Past and Present Olympic Games Comparison The Olympic Games is a competition among the best representative athletes of all over. The first Olympic Games was designed to recreate the culture of the Ancient Greeks and to test the very bounds of human physical ability. The opening ceremony was ornate in its display to show off the grandeur of the revival of such a historical event. The competition rewarded those who performed well with actual tangible prizes such as a medal and a laurel wreath that symbolized victory. In addition to the tangibles, the games provided an intangible prize such as instantaneous worldwide fame. With the promises of these prizes, however, came instances of cheating and scandal. The host country, Greece, provided gracious hospitality to the athletes that competed. Likewise, the modern Olympic Games holds many of the similar aspects of the first Olympic Games. The tradition of recreating the cultural experience is preserved. The opening ceremonies are just as elaborate and ornate, if not more. The competition rewards athletes with medals from bronze to silver to gold. Athletes get international fame and recognition due to the extensive media coverage provided on the even which is now a worldwide phenomenon. Cheating still occurs in some cases due to performance enhancing drugs. Athletes are still treated extremely well as they are pampered and stay in the best hotels. However, as the times have progressed and the world has become more modern, there have been many significant changes from the first Olympic Games to the modern Olympic Games. The opening ceremonies and commencement of the Olympic Games are aggrandized and televised for the world to see. The media coverage of the Games has grown exponentially and millions of viewers tune in every four years for the summer Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games only offered silver and bronze

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