Past And Present Essay

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Man must actually have his debts and earnings a little better paid by man. At no time was the lot of the dumb millions of toilers so entirely unbearable as now. Sisterhood, brotherhood often forgotten, but never before so expressly denied. Mungo Park and his poor Black Benefactress. Gurth, born thrall of Cedric the Saxon: Liberty a divine thing; but 'liberty to die by starvation' not so divine. Nature's Aristocracies. William Conqueror, a resident House-Surgeon provided by nature for her beloved English People. Democracy, the despair of finding Heroes to govern us, and contented putting-up with the want of them. The very Tailor unconsciously symbolising the reign of Equality. Wherever ranks do actually exist, strict division of costumes will also be enforced. Freedom from oppression, an indispensable yet most insignificant portion of Human Liberty. A _best path_ does exist for every man; a thing which, here and now, it were of all things _wisest_ for him to do. Mock Superiors and Real Superiors. (Bosses could "do what they liked to do". Thus there was no ruling by government. - For Carlyle it is perfectly ok to have a master, as long as he is a good master who cares for you. Problem: How are the right people for government to find? - Democracy is the instinctive desire of Guidance. -From Captains of Industry Government can do much, but it can in nowise do all. Fall of Mammon: to be a noble Master among noble Workers, will again be the first ambition with some few. The Leaders of Industry, virtually the Captains of the world: doggeries and Chivalries. Isolation, the sum-total of wretchedness to man. All social growths in the world have required organizing; and work, the grandest of human interests, does now require it. - "Awake ye noble Workers, not as a bewildered bewildering mob; but as a firm regiment mass, with real captains over

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