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“The Passion of The Christ” “The Passion of The Christ” is a film produced and directed by Mel Gibson. The film depicts the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ, on the day he was crucified in Jerusalem. Despite much opposition and criticism, Gibson still released the film in February 2004. He funded the film himself and co-wrote the screenplay. The character of Jesus is played by Jim Caviezel. Both Gibson and Caviezel are devout Roman Catholics. The script is based on the four gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, John) and the diaries of St. Anne Catherine Emmerick (1774-1824). I think that Mel Gibson’s film is a magnificent work of art that opened the eyes of many people; not only other religions but Christians too. The majority of Christians know that Jesus died for our sins but before the film was released, they did not know in detail how horrific His death on the cross was. It is one thing to hear about Jesus’ death and read about it in the Bible. It is another to actually see the process, the shame, and the extreme brutality that He had to undergo. That is what “The Passion of The Christ” does; it depicts the inhumane treatment of Jesus on his last day on earth. The film shows how ambiguous the justice system was in many ways during that time period. After being condemned to death by the Pharisees, Jesus was sent to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Palestine, who in an effort to avoid political conflict sends Jesus to King Herod. But, King Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate. (This proves that both Herod and Pilate could not prove Jesus guilty of anything.) Pontius Pilate feared losing his popularity among the community along with his positions and power so instead of being fair, he ordered his men to do as the crowd wished. Another reason I think the justice system was ambiguous is the way women and their opinions were left in the dark. The entire

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