Passion For Adventure

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Into the Wild: Passion for Adventure Into the wild by Jon Krakauer is an exploration of straying from what is normal and exploring yourself. Chris McCandless and Krakauer want people to believe they can do more than what they are comfortable with. The transcendentalist way of living allows a mindset of having no judgment, no rules, solitude and the ultimate freedom. Transcendentalism is not a way of living that is always shared. There are rarely groups of transcendentalists that get together and share their thoughts they are loosely connected by the same idea of living. It can be strange that these people are thinking the same way and believe in the same things but they explore the world on their own. Though these people travel solo on their adventures with nature, their independence, thought and way of living is admirable. They search for what is pure in the world and “rather than love, than money, than fame…” (117) they just want the truth. Everything, Chris McCandless did I tried to find reasoning behind even if I wouldn’t do it myself. I got defensive when people would say he was stupid and not give their reasoning for it. The type of person I am feels for every character in a book, especially Chris McCandless because he is real. When he was in Alaska I dearly wished he would be able to make it out alive even though I knew he wouldn’t. The people who believed Chris to be a “loopy young man who…lacked even a modicum of common sense” (184) didn’t understand his intention. He wasn’t trying to get himself killed in the Alaska brush, he just wanted to live off the essentials and go back to basics. He was very intelligent which makes it hard to believe he was crazy or just dumb. He was living by the words of Emerson and Thoreau where he could be “emancipated from…a world of abstraction” (22) and live in solitude. He followed “his genius until it misled him”
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