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Aishani Sil McCreary Humanities English 7 PACE- pd. 5 2/10/13 Looking Towards the Bright Side When I was driven to the private school Mrs. Barbara Stanley (a friend of my mother’s) worked at to interview her, I was unaware of the fact that I would return with my mind filled with marvelous advice. But Mrs. Stanley is indeed the one who showed me how a dire need for money transformed into a passion for teaching. Barbara’s family wasn’t a wealthy one, and once she was 18, she was required to work. Following in her sister’s footsteps, Barbara chose to become a teacher at a private school in Downtown Dallas. Many challenges were encountered on the interminable bus ride were faced. “We passed rundown neighborhoods, and the fear of being accosted by a criminal didn’t leave me until after a long time,” Barbara explained, shuddering. I shuddered as well, as I had heard stories from the police concerning robberies and assaults in that area, so I knew her fears were not unfounded. Soon, however, Mrs. Stanley started looking towards the ‘brighter’ side of things. “I guess I had no choice but to be optimistic and keep a smile on my face. And soon, I actually developed a strong passion for teaching and working with kids!” Mrs. Stanley happily admits. “Now, even after getting married and being the mother of three, school-aged children, I still have a passion for teaching.” Barbara has inspired me to always look towards the bright side of things and be passionate about what I do. Her life has shown me that no matter how unsparing your challenges are, always have a smile on your face and be optimistic. Unfortunately, our time together was soon over. But Mrs. Stanley had given me remarkable advice that will assist me later on in

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