Passing a Drivers License Test Essay

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Subject: Driver License Renewal Test The NC Driver License Renewal Test consists of: 1. Providing the Driver License issuing clerk current personal general information regards health and current address, etc. 2. Taking an eye visual exam – reading an eye chart and identifying approximately 15 Regulatory and Warning Signs while seated and looking thru the vision machine. 3. Part of the sign recognition is to account for identifying certain signs by shape. The reason is because in Winter a sign may be unreadable due to ice or snow. Memorize the following signs by shape and color: A. STOP B. YIELD C. NO PASSING ZONE D. SCHOOL / SCHOOL CROSSING E. RAILROAD CROSSING F. ONE WAY 4. Next: You will have to write a check to NCDMV for the amount stated by the Licensing Clerk. Hand the completed check to the clerk. You will be required to sign your name on the Driver License blank card. 5. The clerk will require you to go and sit for your driver license photo. When you have finished taking your photo, the clerk will hand you your old Driver License and new Temporary Driver License and tell you to keep them until your new Driver License arrives in the mail in approximately 10 -14 days. NC driver license are good for 5 years. 6. For study for license renewal: 1. Get a current issue of the NC Driver Handbook and review it paying particular attention to the signs. 2. There are 3 types of signs on NC highways as follows: 1) Regulatory – i.e. STOP, YIELD, No U TURNS, etc 2) Warning - Normally Black on Yellow but can be Black on Orange 3) Guidance / Informational (Various Colors) 3. The Black on Orange signs are for Construction and Work

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