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A Passage to India Describe the ways in which Dr. Aziz is changed or affected by his friendship with Fielding during the course of the novel. Fielding is an outsider among the other British in India. He doesn't view the Indians as an inferior race, just different. He really believes that people of different cultures and beliefs can bridge the gap of understanding "by the help of good will plus culture and intelligence". He values friendship above any differences that people may have and he tries to prove this with Dr. Aziz. He's the only British person who believes in the innocence of Aziz and doesn't hesitate to stand up for him. Aziz genuinely likes Fielding and appreciates his friendship above all others. However, like most friends, they have had their fair share of ups and downs, and I will examine them critically in this essay. Aziz truly enjoys Fielding’s company, which can be proven in the book itself when Aziz visits Fielding. Aziz gets keyed up and jumps about like a little child, which shows his excitement when meeting with Fielding. Aziz states in the novel: “…he [Aziz] felt Fieldings fundamental goodwill” and “They shook hands smiling. He began to look around as he would with any old friend”. Aziz shows his kindness to Fielding when he gives him a collar stud for his shirt, to replace the one that he lost. Aziz said he had an extra one, which was a white lie. This proves that Aziz has an unstoppable desire to please other people, especially Fielding. When Fielding comes to visit, Aziz shows him a picture of his dead wife. Fielding doesn’t share the same prejudice as the other English, and is happy to reciprocate Aziz's trust and affection. However, he feels a little bit uncomfortable with the emotion Aziz expresses, because his own nature is more reserved and he does not usually form close friendships. However, Fielding does develop a close

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