Pass the Coke and the Meaning Essay

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Images are seen everywhere, from billboards on the side of a highway to magazines and even the internet. Visual images are powerful tools used in trying to communicate something to an audience. For my final paper, I decided to use the “Coca-Cola” image and see how it portrays a message to its audience. I will describe the image using three different approaches. My first approach will discuss “Signs and Symbols”, my second approach is “Shapes and Colors” and my third is “Typography”. I will discuss the history of the Coca-Cola image. How it became the infamous logo seen all over the world. “The first thing we must recognize is that we don’t just “see” but have to learn how to see and what to see. We cannot focus our attention on everything around us; somehow, we select certain things to look at. And what we decide to see is determined by what we know and what we believe and what we want.” (Berger, 2008) When an artist creates an image, they want the audience to remember that image. The Apple logo and Coca-Cola logo both are images we see every day. However, this is an image that is learned by people. A child might be able to recognize that the image of the Apple logo is that of an apple and not of electronics that it represents. The same with the Coca-Cola label a child would not know that the image is for a refreshing drink until they see the image and can connect the two of them together. As Berger states, “Linguists tell us that there is no natural connection between a word and the object it stands for.” (Berger, 2008) The mastermind behind the Coca-Cola image and the design is a man named Frank Mason Robinson, who created the first typeface in 1885. He was originally the bookkeeper for John Pemberton, but later became the creator of the image and advertiser for this company. The typeface created for the Coca-Cola image is Spencerian Script. This font
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