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1. There are four safety equipment items that a lab should have. Identify two of these four items. (2 pts) Fire extinguisher, eye wash station. 2. Identify one of the three ways to keep your work area safe. (1 pt) Don’t play around. 3. There are five recommendations for dressing properly in a lab environment. Name two of these recommendations. (2 pt) Wear closed toe shoes, don’t wear shorts. 4. There are several safety tips to protect one’s mucous membranes and broken skin. Identify one of the recommended tips. (1 pt) Wear PPE. 5. When working in a microbiology lab, it is important to contain spills and discard materials properly. Describe how a spill should be cleaned up safely in a microbiology lab. (3 pts) Alert people in immediate area. Put on protective equipment. Cover area with disinfectant soaked-paper towels or with dry disinfectant. Allow a 20 minute contact period. Wipe down any contaminated stationary equipment or furniture with disinfectant. Use forceps, tongs, or broom to remove broken glass and other items; place in sharps container or red bag. Remove towels and re-clean area with disinfectant solution. Decontaminate reusable clean-up items and other reusable equipment. Inform laboratory personnel when the clean-up is complete 6. Describe the procedures that one must do before leaving the lab. (3 pts) Section 2 Biochemical Tests 7. How do you know that no contamination occurred when you inoculated your culture? (1 pt) Top right corner has the traffic signals that indicate whether contamination has occured, as well as a statement along the bottom center. 8. If the biochemical test requires an incubation of 24 hours, what do you need to do? (1 pt) Hit the new day button. 9. If your biochemical test requires that a reagent is added, which tool do you need to use? (1 pt) Select the dropper, then

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