Part-time jobs Essay

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Part-time job is very popular among students. City-students want to have work experience, others from the countryside have to earn money for study and life fees. A necessary question is brought out about this problem if students should work part-time? Thinking of a part-time job means that you are responsible and you’re a self-made young person. And knowledge doesn’t only improve in school but also in society. Many people say that it is very interesting. There are students whose familes have good condition still go to work because they find in it the happiness and self- reliance. Although both doing part time job and studying at school is very tired, but you will feel your life more useful. After a long time goes by, you will become more and more mature. Most of the companies request work experience, so you will have a priority to that position that you apply for. On the contrary, part-time job is a trial. You will have less time to study, research for your lessons. If you don’t learn well, you shouldn’t take it. On the other hand, your job will make you be tired. Stress and tiredness often result in lack of concentration on teacher’s explaining. It is so harmful for your study. Moreover, on an average, there are hundreds of students are defrauded by “ghost companies” for their gulliblity. Defrauded jobs recommendation centers are the danger. By the form of recommending jobs for students, the criminals use many tricks. You may lose money and waste time. So you should be cautious for this problem. If you can control your time, and your study is quite good, you should take a part-time job. Being a tutor is the most favourite job. You can teach any subject that you are good at. Working at restaurant is also suitable for students. In general, you may find the first or the second job to earn money. But in the third job, you should consider carefully is
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