Part Time Job For Children

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Is it good for children to be employed during school holiday? In modern times, part(time jobs are very popular not only for adults but also for school children who have a lot of free time during school holiday. There are many point of views about this controversial problem. On the one hand, It is believed that children who are employed will soon drop out of school. They think that when a child can earn money, he will satisfy with his knowledge at that time and doesn’t want to return to school with the thinking that school is so boring and uneconomical. This may be the biggest trouble for parents. Moreover, people claim that leaving children away from home can let them in jeopardy such as kidnaps or traffic accidents. Therefore, many parents do not allow their children to go to work although they are free on the school holiday. On the other hand, many people concur that working during school holiday helps that children get more experiences in communication and have responsibilities for the money they earn and use. A large number of parents say that their kids become confident and find it easy to communicate with other people after a short time working in summer holiday. Others think that they do not have to worry about their children’s using money because after working they understand the value of every cent and do not waste it any more. This is a very good method to teach the children how to live more responsibly When considering the two arguments people see that the benefits of having part(times jobs during school holiday overshadow its shortcomings. Children would not have knowledge of anything if they are not exposed to the real complicated life and the difficulties which they may encounter in the future. Being prepared would help them learn the way to enjoy happiness and success properly as well as successfully overcome
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