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Yesterday, I read an article, which is about whether teenagers should have a part time job. In today’s society, more and more college students have part time job after school. In my opinion, I support that teenagers have part time jobs in their free time and the reasons are as follows. First, I think that having a part time job can train the teenagers how to earn money and let them know that it is not an easy thing to make money. Then they will use their money more and more carefully. Besides, I think that being a college student, if we want to buy something we really want, we should earn money by ourselves, not using the money of our parents. Using our own money, we will not feel guilty anymore. Or if the kids can give the parents the money that is earned by them, their parents will be very happy. The second reason is that having a part time job, we will have the working experience and have the chance to adapt the different relationship between classmates and colleagues earlier than the people who do not have the part time job. Having the working experience can help teenagers find their ideal job more easily in the future. And the teenagers can also learn how to deal with the problems that may happen in their future working circumstance. Third, teenagers can also expand their interpersonal relationship by having a part time job. In the recent year, interpersonal relationship has become the most important factor in our working environment. If we have a good relationship with our colleagues or friends, when we have problems or want other people to help us, they will try their best to help us. I have read an article; it said, “Without friends, we will not do anything perfectly.” I have the same thought with the writer of this article. Interpersonal relationship is really important in our working place. In summary, perhaps many people will think that having a part

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