Part Time Indian Essay

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After doing some research about the book I have come to realize that many people seem to enjoy the absolute true diary of a part time Indian which is something I don’t really understand. I mean great a Native American boy getting a better life, now that’s the full picture and is no doubt well written and poetic but unfortunately not everyone in all honesty cares! My opinion on Native Americans is that they are lazy, rude, and incompetent. They have the ability to go to school for free get a good carrier, become successful, start a family, etc. After finding this out I realized that they choose to drink themselves into oblivion, and spend the government’s welfare on alcohol and drugs teaching their children this is what they should do. In this book Native Americans are made to look like they didn’t choose this life but in reality they did I mean look at junior he decided that he this wasn’t the only way to live and he did something about it. Native American people are going on and on about how hard done by they are when they have so many chances to change their future but decide not because they are lazy. Another thing is the fact that the kids at Reardon are more accepting and friendly to junior that kids at the reservation. It may just be me but wouldn’t you much rather hang out with people who were going to be nice to me and treat me with respect and like I have value. Now trust me I have been judged and picked on my fair share I’m sure everyone has but to get into physical fights and for people to think its ok, that’s not something a kid should have to go through. How would someone like it if I walked around swearing like a madman, you wouldn’t right? Seriously the unnecessary use of those words to an extensive amount, I could almost guarantee you that there was a swear word on every page. Another point is the sexual content in this book I find is extremely
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