Part 1 Impression Analysis

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Jen Fisher PSYC 405 9/19/14 Professor Davis Assignment 6 Part 1 First impression: -Native American -displays happiness, but her eyes are sad -might be a gardener based on the post in the background -works outside often based on her dark skin -vague feeling of her being a happy person based on her smile and smile lines -vague feeling she has quite a few grandchildren * Location: A garden in her backyard in a suburban area. Maybe from South America. * Family life: Married/widowed. Has lot of grandchildren. * Occupation: Something that really helps others. Definitely not a desk job. * Hobbies: Gardening, working outside. * Personality: Friendly, genuine, happy, doesn’t get angry often * Names (or…show more content…
Older ladies don’t always wear make-up Part 3 How strong were your impressions in Part 1 (some might have been stronger than others, so indicate this for each impression)? My impressions for her being a gardener, works outside, being a happy person, and having grandchildren were very strong to me. The other two about her being Native American and displaying happiness but her eyes are sad was not as strong for me as the other four were. How accurate do you think your Part 1 impressions are? I think my last two impressions in Part 1 were moderately accurate. I just get a strong feeling about those two. The other six could be accurate and relevant, but I’m just not sure. How accurate do you think your Part 2 assumptions are? I think my part 2 assumptions were pretty accurate as well because those were more based on fact and stereotype which I feel have more of a chance of being correct than just my first impressions of her. How good do you think you are at reading people you encounter on a daily basis? I’d say I have a pretty strong read on people on a daily basis from experience and being a psychology major. I also have a good gut feeling when it comes to
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