Parliament Is Subject to the Elected Dictatorship of Government.

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"Parliament is subject to the elected dictatorship of government." How far do you agree with this view? This is a serious problem that has occurred form the type of constitution that we as a country have upheld. Elected dictatorship can only be in practice if the Government has the majority of the seats in the Commons. This Governmental style has been used in the recent year in the form of Thatcher, Blair and Brown all of who practised this in some degree to get what they wanted. The idea of an elective dictatorship is derived from the fact that the UK Governments can do as they so well please until their next election. The main problem with the elected dictatorship of government is that the power will be concentrating into just one body of parliament allowing the majority party to do as they wish for their term. Also though as John Griffiths said the constitution is what happens in the country leading to the Governmental party doing whatever they had wished. An elective dictatorship would also have the power to overrule the entire parliament as they tend to have the majority resulting in extreme left or right views, such as the right to buy schemes under the Tory governments. This leads too many people believing that we only have the constitution of the time as the governments can change any policies that they wish to. Elected dictatorships are creating from the fact that the parliament is controlled by the whips and leaders forcing them to vote among strict guidelines. The Thatcher governments had followed this policy well as they had managed to have 3 consecutive terms of office in which dramatic changes were placed. Such as that of the poll tax which she did after she was elected for the final time to make sure that she had remained in till then as it was extremely unpopular with the public. Also though because of the governmental style that Thatcher had
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