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Richards, Dalton Richards 1 Mrs. Ragus English 12 4-29-13 Parks: The Safe Combination Public parks are facing an aesthetically unpleasing challenge; crime, vandalism, and reduced maintenance and as a result are having a limited impact on their local community. In the general sense a park is a reprieve, a place where current problems become irrelevant. A park is a place where children should laugh as they swing on bright colored monkey bars or ride a slide down giggling the whole way. A park is a place where teens and young adults can go to put video games and homework aside and throw a football or baseball and kick a soccer ball or shoot some hoops. Yet currently, I personally know of one park, specifically Petit Park which has been seriously impacted by the previously introduced problems of degrading appearance and declining visitation by once frequent park goers. Petit park is the Granada Hills neighborhood's local park and it has all the necessary components to make it extremely popular. The park has a great recreation center, a pool, a big field, four baseball / softball diamonds, and a large and safe playground. While the park has high potential, due to the issue of appearance, the park is not representing our community well, and we need to improve it. First impressions are everything when someone goes somewhere and decides if he or she would go again. One such instance would be when someone walked by Petit Park. The park looks average; the grass is spotty, the benches are dirty, there is a bit of graffiti spread about, but the Richards 2 playground looks great. Petit has a great playground. As a result. it is usually being used by at least 10 or 12 kids. In locations where the park has not been maintained as well such as the baseball field or behind the recreational center there, are usually either

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