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Parkinson's Disease Michelle Briscoe Drexel University Introduction to Online Learning and Scholarly Writing N324 Professor Hawes January 26, 2012 Parkinson's Disease To understand why I chose Parkinson’s disease, one must understand what Parkinson’s disease can do to a person. Parkinson’s ravaged my mother for 9 years, the deterioration left her unable to swallow, communicate, and eventually led to dementia which took her life in April, 2010. Not only did it wreak its revenge on her, but it took its toll on the family watching her decline rapidly over the years but knowing the medications had no effect on her after time. As a nurse it took everything I had to ensure her safety, her being comfortable, and helping with her care. A once vibrant, pleasant, happy woman who laughed and smiled, was independent she now was somnolent with no expression, no laughter, and not able to complete a sentence or her thoughts. She became incontinent, unable to perform ADL’s, unable to roll over in bed, and unable to speak or communicate. Nine years had passed since her diagnosis, she suffered from depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment and she withered away to a mere 100 pounds. January 2010 it all began, the end of the end, she lost the ability to swallow solid foods and liquids and began pureed foods and thickened liquids. By March 2010, she no longer could communicate verbally her wants and needs; she followed you with her eyes. April 2010, her eyes open all the time, she no longer visually followed you anymore, tears rolled down her face all the time. The tremors were constant day and night, she curled up, stretched out, twisting, the medications no longer effective, and moans, cries when you touched her or repositioned her, her skin fragile and thin. In pain, standing orders for sublingual morphine and PRN morphine, none of it mattered, it didn’t help, and she

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