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Parking Lots Essay

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DATE: June 10, 2010


FROM:         Mario Ramos, Accountant 1

SUBJECT:   Crowded Parking Lots

While management has earned the right to special parking spaces and privileges, there is no reason for the management parking lot to be half-filled. We, employees, feel that this situation is unfair particularly since finding available parking in the mornings is time consuming. Furthermore, we hold concerns about the future of employee parking lot accommodations in the face of new employee inflow. We believe that it might be beneficial to meet the parking issue head-on by holding a meeting wherein questions can be put forth and answers can be provided.

The current situation exacerbates the growing distance between employees and management, which appears to present a potential problem. Several employees have joined to form a committee entitled “Lack of Parking Space” in response to the problem. If, for example, the issue regarding lack of parking space fails to resolve, the employees may maintain their current feelings of dissatisfaction and begin to protest to the detriment of the company.

To help resolve this issue, we can extend the option for employees to utilize the vacant parking spaces from the management parking lot. Other ideas include the potential for paving the north side into a parking lot specifically for management use. I know that there are inherent problems in redistributing parking lots and creating new parking spaces, and these must be weighed against the present alternative. I do feel, however, that the suggestion of a meeting to discuss the issue is worth some consideration.

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