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When the economy feels like it is crashing down around us what or who do we need to turn to? We look for our government to take our hands and help us thru the chaos that is going on. More importantly we look towards our local government to help out our local family owned business and our small shops that so many of us have been employed by beforehand. One of the easiest ways to fix the chaos was simply stepping up regulations on our everyday policies. Like many of you know, my name is Amanda and I am employed by Simon Properties and contracted by Denison Parking. Today I am going to explain to you how the City of Indianapolis along with the Sheriff’s Department and Denison Parking are stepping up to the plate, correcting a major mishap that we allowed to happen, and bringing money and customers back into the small businesses that make downtown Indianapolis a great place to visit. The Parking meters on downtown streets, ranging from the City Market area, Mass Ave and all the way to Broad Ripple have been neglected. As a perk to city officials, prosecutors’ office, and the sheriff’s department with a…show more content…
An average of $520 per meter per year in revenue is generated from parking meters in the Indianapolis downtown area. This money is used to pay for public amenities that can attract customers to small businesses such as the City Market area. The revenue collected is used to clean sidewalks, plant street trees, improve store facades and ensure public safety. The lack of available parking meters is directly affecting the cleanliness of the city. Parking Enforcement Officers are required per their contract to document all placards they see on certain streets while out on their route. According to monthly reports for the month of August 2008 we documented a total of XXX placards on the streets compared to August of 2007 with a total of XXX. This is a total of approximately $XXX.XX in lost revenue for the

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