Parents Using Kids For Hard Jobs

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I am going to talk about whether parents use their children to do the jobs they themselves find distasteful or whether children are given those jobs for a special reason that may be intended to help them in life. In my own opinion I think that it all comes down to the type of person he or she is, or they are trying to prepare the kids for life when the grow up. Lots of parents probably do give the jobs they hate most to the kids, because it could take a long time and may get in the way of them doing something else which they prefer more. They might give the jobs they dislike doing to most to children because they want more time to do what they like and to enjoy themselves while the children to the jobs they hate doing. The last reason I think that parents may give their children the jobs they dislike the most is because they might be lazy or have always disliked doing that job. I think parents give the jobs they dislike most to prepare children for life when they grow up, because they don’t want their children to grow up and not know the basic skills such as vacuuming or washing the dishes. Another reason I think parents would give children the jobs they like the least is because they would have many other jobs to do and would want to get rid of a few jobs which the either dislike or take them too much time. They may also give the jobs they dislike the most because they would want to show their children that running a house isn’t easy and to prepare them for the future. My conclusion is that there could be many reasons why parents give the most boring jobs to kids, but in the end I think it all comes down to the person, but I still think there maybe a few more reasons why parents give children the jobs they hate.
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