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Parents' responsibility Essay

  • Submitted by: jsadhwani
  • on October 19, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Parents' responsibility" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Many parents leave their children home without any supervision.   The outcome, of course, may not be very pleasant.   This article could be taken as an example, where two young children were left alone without any supervision.   Their mother went to work at a bakery in the morning before her husband, i.e. the father of the children returned from his night shift.   During the absence of the parents, the children were playing with fire, which led to a blaze.   The children suffered from serious burns due to this.

This is a case that may be heard from time to time.   In many families, both parents may be working, and due to this, their children may have to be left alone at home with no-one to take care of them.   It is therefore understandable that parents may not be able to stay at home.   However, there are a few remedies for this.

Some families who may be able to afford a nanny for their children so that they could be supervised well should opt for this.   By paying a sum of money, they needn’t worry about their children as much.   A number of parents though, may not be able to afford to pay such a huge amount.   Perhaps that is the reason why both parents may be working.   In such cases, parents should try to leave their children at one of their relative’s house or with their neighbour, so as to prevent such serious accidents from occurring.  

It may be possible that some families don’t have any place where they could leave their children.   In such cases, parents may only have one choice – to leave their children home, all alone, without any supervision.   Then, parents should make sure they educate their children when they go for work.   In this case, the parents should have taught their children that fire could be dangerous and they shouldn’t play with it.   The children mentioned in the article often played with fire.   This is the reason why such a serious accident occurred.   If the children were educated about the dangers related to fire, then this accident wouldn’t...

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