Parents Letting Kids Drink Ok? Essay

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If in the privacy of their homes is it right that parents should be able to give their kids alcohol? Alcohol endangers life. It is ridiculous to give any persons under the age of eighteen even a morsel of alcohol. Giving children alcohol damages their health, education and future. There are reasons it is illegal for children to drink. It is superfluous for parents to allow their children to drink alcohol no matter where they are. The parents that do this must not have omniscient knowledge about how it can affect their child’s health; exposing children to alcohol at an early age can lead to addiction future down the line. It will also lessen their vitality by damaging the organs, alcohol can give a child physical impairment, this would take the vigor out their life and causes them to be dull and monotonous. This is something parents need to be meticulous about before try to give their kids alcohol. Even if a little alcohol is given to a child it can stupefy them. This will affect their education. Children with alcohol in their education. Children with alcohol in their system can become truant and sluggish. If a child can rot focus or study they can fail in everything and will most likely not make it in life. Without education it is implausible that get in to college. Some kids can fall into impartial retention which causes them to remember less, making their education in school useless. Alcohol can have a huge impact on a child’s education. Parents have to understand that children are versatile and alcohol can badly

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