Parents and Their Kids Essay

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Brandon Duong 6th English 1/22/13 Parents and Their Kids Parents often choose who their kids should be around and socialize with. Parents aren’t trying to ruin their child’s life, but to do what they think is best. No parent would want their kid hanging around with some thugs or gangs. They only want for us to have a fulfilling life. Parents only pick our friends to do what they think is best for us. Everything a parent does for you is what they think is good. Why would they want to sabotage your life? They only want us to succeed and do the best we possibly can. Who you are around is a big influence on you and how you act. People you hang out with can greatly affect your life. You might have “friends” that do drugs or smoke. They might pressure you into doing something you don’t feel comfortable with. What kind of parent would want that…none! You might end up hurting yourself and even those around you. All I’m saying is that parents want us to as much out of life as possible. As parents, it makes them happy to see their child having a good time-enjoying life. A parent wants to do all they can to enrich our lives. They don’t want anything holding us back from reaching our dreams, our goals. They love us and support us. Though you may not notice it now when you’re older you’ll be thanking your parents for all they’ve done. Parents do what is best for us; it’s a part of them. Whether it’s grounding you or just saying no, it is for our own good whether you realize it or not. Parents love us and would do anything to make our lives as successful as possible…no matter what it
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