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Perry Clarke Current Date: July 15, 2009 Parent/Child Relations Does parental sexual orientation affect child, and if so should gay or lesbian couples be allowed to adopt children. This is an argument that has been in which everybody seems to have an opinion on this controversial issue. Gay couples looking to adopt face a number of challenges that married, heterosexual couples do not. Adoption laws in the United States remain a touchy subject when it comes to lesbians and gay men adopting. Numerous states do not permit adoptions by any unmarried couples, which automatically rules out same-sex couples from adopting in those states. A few states include Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah and Virginia. There are however ways to get around these laws. The most common way in which same-sex couples adopt is that one partner already has legal custody of a child by birth and is now a single parent. Stepparent adoptions are the most common and least regulated types of relative adoptions in the United States. They most commonly involve stepparents (usually stepfathers) married to one of the child's biological parents. Argument for Gays and Lesbians individuals should be allowed to adopt children The vast majority of states no longer deny custody or visitation to a person based on sexual orientation. State agencies and courts now use "best interest of the child" standard to decide these cases. Under this standard, a person's sexual orientation cannot be the basis for ending or limiting parent-child relationships unless there is proof that that harm is being brought to the child.. Using this standard, more than 22 states to date have allowed lesbians and gay men to adopt children either through state-run or private adoption agencies. All of the research to date has reached the same

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