Parenting Taboos Essay

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In “Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos,” Rufus and Alisa discuss the popular research study that when a couple has children, their levels of happiness and marital stability decline. They described their idea that the decline in happiness is caused by going into parenthood with false expectations. They addressed the typical expectations of birth, and then explained things in a more realistic manor. Alisa and Rufus explained that in a sense you trade your average happiness for moments that are very meaningful and fulfilling such as your child’s first words or steps. They talk about this is hopes of bringing the level of happiness up by letting others know what to expect going into parenthood. A taboo discussed that I think is most important for parents to know is “you can’t talk about how lonely having a baby can be.” As the book says, sleepless nights and feeling overwhelmed with stress are just a few things that go along with having a baby. Often, mothers take a maternity leave to stay at home and spend time with their child leaving them isolated from the real world for quite some time. Postpartum depression is also very common in women who have just given birth. It’s important for individuals to know that they are not the only parents who have experienced this time of loneliness and isolation, and that 56% of women admit to feeling this way after birth. Talking about it openly will not only help the parents cope with their loneliness, but it will let others know what to

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