Parenting in 21st Century America Essay

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AP Language Alex Miller October 24, 2012 1st Formal Essay When you become a parent you face many new challenges, but with every challenge comes the possible reward of seeing your child excel because of the challenge you faced later in life. From milestones like your first steps to the first time you scored a goal in soccer, or getting your first 4.0, your parents are there for them all. One thing parents might have to deal with is seeing your child being unsuccessful maybe they got an F or aren’t at the same playing level as the other children on their baseball team. Your parents should be proud of you no matter what, but sometimes a parent may be living their life through the child by forcing them to do things they don’t particularly enjoy. Though it may turn out that way, most parents just want their kids to be happy and if your child is happy with just participating and not being the “star” you should be glad for them. Everyone wants to see others excel, but when you’re the parent of someone you want the absolute best for them. They’re yours you made them of course you want them to be the greatest thing that has ever hit planet so you try to involve them in everything. It is kind of like throwing 50 crayons on a white page after a while there will be specks of color, and once you see those specks you zone in on them and you try so very hard and work your kid harder in that certain area and take them out of other activities to focus on that one. Eventually that page full of specks begins to have a few blocks of solid color, and with those blocks of color your child begins to form into a well-rounded person. So why do parents do this? The answer is simple the feeling you get when you see your child shine is like no other. The whole world stops and for just a moment you know that everyone around you is paying attention to your kid just watching them shine, and

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