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It’s a real challenge to raise children who are hard-wired differently, have a difficult temperaments, or have mental health challenges and especially if you do not have a handbook to explain if (A) happens the choose option (B). I have experienced at times parents who take the difficulties personally and see themselves as poor parents. I also see parents who find enjoyment or amusement in seeing their children hurt, or in danger. These children have a character disturbance. They devalue others and lack a sense of morality. Such incidents as the ones I described above have made it increasingly clear that mental illness, including their diagnosis of psychopathic is not exclusively an adult manifestation. In fact, many experts such as Dr. Frank Ochberg, a psychiatry professor at Michigan State University believe that “childhood psychopathy is increasing at an alarming rate.” (1) They might not all become murderers, but they will learn how to manipulate, deceive and exploit others for their own gain. Many experts believed that they have “failed to develop an emotional bond,” that allow them to empathize with another's pain. (1) Other experts believe that these children might also have had unhappy home lives. However, they can come from stable homes and I have seen this in my experiences. This provides some type of evidence that we should look at more of a genetic influence in these cases. In reading the book for our class, I can’t help but recall the “10 Year Plan.” Through the time that I spend working with these families, I think about only if they had a “10 year plan” in place. As noted in the book, “In the business world, such plans describe where its owners want the business to be in 10 years.” (2) Well I don’t think that it is appropriate to look at children this way because a business hardly has a mind of its own. Seriously now, all children are

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