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“Goodmanners are a courtesy to others” bad manners hold individuals back in life. Good manners are important to children hence someday people will have respect for them. Manners are valuable also because it makes other people feel comfortable around you. Manners are not only about eating proper, but also deal with cleaning up after yourself, chewing with your mouth closed, and giving one respect. First and foremost, a parent has to be a good role model. Adolescents are known by his/her behavior, and the first impression of their appearance. Every child learns new concepts by watching others. Other individuals will tell by looking at a child’s behavior how the parents are. “Actions speak louder than words’ Good manners are important skills that should be learned when children are young. When a child shows respect, it’s another way of exemplifying manners. Many phrases like please and thank you are a part of giving respect One primary aspect of having manners is eating. Table manners are very important. Parents should teach their child to chew with their mouth closed, have a napkin besides them or on their lap, and when burping, he or she cover their mouth and say “excuse me.” When parents teach children manners, they should most importantly show them how to greet relatives and guests. When a child is being introduced to a guest, educate them to extend his or her hand and give a firm confident handshake. Encourage them to keep eye contact at all times with the elder speaking. Moreover, stimulate children to stand tall and proud. This demonstrates to others that they are very confident in who they really are. “Without good manners, human society becomes intolerable.” (George Bernard Shaw) Children will communicate in a well established way, others will me surprised and will praise children about how well they know

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