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Parental Styles Jostin Holmes Psych 231 Liberty University Abstract Parenting styles refer to the characteristics and behaviors that influence the development of children. The type of style a parent uses while raising children can have major affects both physically and emotionally. The four styles of parenting that are recognized are authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful, and indulgent. Authoritarian parents are considered “restrictive, and punitive (Stantrock, 2012)”; were authoritative parenting “encourages adolescents to be independent, but still places limits and controls on their actions (Stantrock, 2012).” Neglectful parenting style consists of a lack of involvement of the parents in the child’s life. Indulgent parents stay involved with their children but do not set any limits; allowing the children to do want when they want. Each parenting style can have a major affect on the development of a child. Most parents consist of more than one parenting style. If a parent establishes an authoritarian, neglectful, or indulgent style of control, long term negative effects can result in the child’s social and emotional outlook. Most would say the most difficult job for adults today is becoming a parent. Many intriguing debates are sparked when new information on how to correctly monitor and discipline children is discussed. What are the long term affects different parenting styles have on children? To understand these behaviors one must recognize the work of Diana Baumrind, who established the four styles; authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful and indulgent. How an individual style is established within a parent has different factors; which include culture and the child’s temperament. Research has shown that the most successful parenting style is the authoritative method; but why are the other three styles unsuccessful? Indulgent or permissive

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