Parental Smoking Behavior Influences Adolescence Smoking Behavior

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Parental smoking behavior influences adolescence smoking behavior Youths in the adolescences stages are very vulnerable to smoking influences. According to Zhu, Wang, Browne & Wagner (2009) “L late childhood and adolescence are critical periods for the onset and use of substances”. (Zhu, Wang, Browne & Wagner, 2009). This is evident as “in spite of national efforts to prevent smoking among youths, some 8% of middle school and 25% of high school students currently smoke in the United States” (Wilson, McClish, Heckman, Obando & Dahman, 2007, p. 261). It is important to focus attention on adolescence smoking behavior because “adolescence is the period in which many youngsters begin to experiment with substance such as smoking” (Harakeh, Scholte, Vermulst Hein de Vries & Engels, 2010, p. 141). Considering the effect of smoking on lives of young adolescences it is evident that there is a need to critically conduct studies on the main prevention concepts to smoking initiation in youths. “Social Influences are assumed to be one of the core concepts in extensive list of risk and protective factors ” (see Petraitis et. al. (year) , as cited in de Leeuw, Scholte, Harakeh, van Leeuw & Engels, 2008). “As socializing agents, parents can exert an important influence on their offspring’s smoking behavior” de Leeuw (et. al., 2008). It is evident that parents are role models as emphasized in this study as “ parental role modeling has a powerful influence on youth behavior, even when unhealthy habits such as smoking are modeled” Wilson (et. al., 2007). It is therefore evident that youth smoking initiation is imitated from home with the support other researchers identified as “adolescence have a higher risk to start smoking or continue smoking when one or both parents are smokers”(see review by Mayhew et. al., 2000, as cited in de Leeuw, et. al., 2008). On the contrary a

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