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Parental Involvement and Raising Academic Achievement of African American Males Abstract There are many factors that affect a student’s success. Parents affect every aspect in the development of their children. The children’s academic success is positively impacted by parental involvement. Parental Involvement is the number one indicator of academic success. There are many different theories about social factors being the most influential factor of a student's lack of success. However, a great deal of research shows that parental involvement has positive influence on a student’s aspirations. Aware of the importance of education, most African American males lack parental engagement and tend to perform poorly than white Americans. According to the Schott 50 State Report, the nation graduates only 47% of Black males who enters the 9th grade. Their studies have shown that 47% of African American males in the United States have graduated high school to 78% of white American males in 2007/2008 school year. The graduating gap is 31% and African American males have graduation rates under the national average for males. Parental engagement improves educational outcomes and aspirations of African American male students. Many theorists have focused on the different types of parental involvement. Epstein says there are six types of involvement in parental engagement (Epstein, 2009). The types of involvement are parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision-making, and collaborating with the community. Parenting involves encouraging the student to do well, instilling positive beliefs and values in the child. Communication within the school as well as at home can create a powerful relationship between the student and parents. Parents should communicate to manage their child’s academic success. Volunteering and learning at home requires a parent

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